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What is legal limit / RTA approved?

Since 1 August 1994, NSW law has required a limit on the shade of tint applied to passenger and commercial vehicles.

Passenger Vehicle (Coupe / Hatch / Sedan / Wagon / 4WD): Minimum 35% on front two doors and 20% rear side and rear windows.

Commercial Vehicle (Utility / Van / Truck): Minimum 35% on windows either side of driver - NO LIMIT rearward from the driver.

Windscreens: Tinted or Opaque band in any shade allowed at the top of the windscreen - it is not to extend below the portion swept by the wipers or 10% of the depth of the screen. No film at all permitted on the lower part of the windscreen.

How long does it take to for Car Window Tinting in Sydney?


Depending on the size of the car and what needs to be done is how long it takes. For a single cab approx 1 hour. For a sedan approx 1.5 - 2hrs, for a SUV / People Mover 2.5 - 3hrs.  If your vehicle is already tinted we will need a few hours more for the removal.

Can I wind my windows down after installation?

No! Windows cannot be opened for 48 hours after the tint has been applied. This is to allow the adhesive to cure.

My tint looks bubbly/streaky right after being installed is this normal?

Yes! This is completely normal. Window tint is applied with water. It is what activates the adhesive. It needs as much sun as possible after being installed. On average it takes 3 weeks in summer to dry out and 6-8 weeks in winter. All depending on the sun exposure you give the car. As the water evaporates, all imperfections will disappear. The more sun, the quicker it dries!


Will ceramic or metallic films interfere with my phone, radio or GPS?

No, on the very rare occasion it can interfere with SOME Audi's AM radio reception. Nothing else. For all Ceramic films in Sydney contact us!


Does tint cut out heat or UV?

Yes! You can cut up to 80% heat, 82% glare and 99.99% UV. Our tint is approved by the Cancer Council Foundation and recommended for all cars, homes and offices! Try our Car Window Film Ceramic IR Series in Sydney for the best results.


Can I wash my car after being tinted?

Yes! The tint is installed on the inside of the glass so you can wash the outside without any problems. Never use any cleaning agents when cleaning the tint. Water only and not for the first 3 weeks.


Can I still get my car tinted if it is raining?

Yes, the film is fitted to the inside of your windows, it will not be affected by the weather.


Do I need to make a booking?


We do require you to make a booking. This will ensure your car will be attended to when you arrive, Please call us to arrange an appointment that suits you on 9890 3577.


Is there a discount if I have more than one car I want tinted?


Yes we do offer discounts for multiple vehicles, however to receive the discount the vehicles must be paid, or tinted together, the discount will come off the second car.


Do you do saftey or security film?​


Yes we do offer a range of safety and security films as well as vandal guard. Call or email us to organise a free quote.


I want my Home / Office / Boat tinted - what do I do?


We offer obligation free quotations. One of our friendly staff can call in and measure your windows, or simply send your measurements and requirements through via email.


Are you open on weekends?​


We are open on Saturday mornings by deposit only. We take a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment for the day. If you need to change your appointment day, You are able to do this within 3 days leading up to the appointment without losing your deposit. If you do not turn up to your appointment, your deposit is not refundable and non transferable. ​​​​​

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